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American Electronics Model 95-130 Field Strength Antenna Made In Japan SWR HAM
$17.99Untested estate sale purchase. I guarantee everything I sell so your money is safe. Please be sure to view all photos using ebay's zoom feature or if on a mobile device, simply click the image and zoom in. Feel free to ask questions and thanks for looking!
Swan SWR 3 Meter For Ham & Amateur Radio
$25.0This was purchased from the estate of a ham radio enthusiast
bird 43
$107.5Hello and thanks for looking! I have for auction one(1) Bird Model 43 Thruline wattmeter in near new condition, with authentic Bird Thruline leather case and 3 slugs, plus 8363NM 50 watt Dummy Load. Slug #1 is a 10KB1, 10Kilowatt 50-125MHZ Slug#2 is a 50D, 50 watt 200-500MHZ slug#3 is a 500B1, 500 watt 50-125MHZ I'm an active Ham operator(K6BSR) an ...  More
Model 4381 Bird Electronics RF Directional Thruline Wattmeter
$299.0YOU ARE BIDDING ON: The Model 4381 is a Rugged RF Power Analyst that monitors Peak Pulse Power, Peak Envelope Power, or CW Power during normal equipment operations in the forward or reflected direction. Designed for air navigational aids DME, ATC and other pulsed RF systems such as telemetry, radar, command and control, etc. Frequency: 0.45 - 2700 ...  More
pdc 600 swr watts modulation meter cb 10 meter ham radio.
$49.99they both need help!!!!! bottom meter mod don't work!!!!! top meter mod broken needle needs help also please this is parts repair only!!!!!!! parts repair paypal no echecks
New Original External S Meter SWR Power Meter For Yaesu FT-857 FT-897 Hi-Q
$13.98Brand NEW 2015 Original External S Meter SWR Power Meter For Yaesu FT-857 FT-897 100% Brand New and High QulaityColor:White/Black send randomMaterial: Metal Cover CaseFT-857D, FT-897D external display settings header methods: * Receive Display Settings * 1, press [FUNC] key to enter the setup menu, enable the extended menu. 2, rotate [SELECT] to ca ...  More
Transel SWR / Watt Meter - CB, Ham Radio, Vintage, Antenna meter
Motorola CB Transceiver Tester Model S1356A As Is
Vintage ARCHER CB Tester RF POWER/SWR Meter Radio Shack
Drake W-4 Wattmeter
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