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LOOK! Nice Heathkit HW-8 QRP Transceiver w/ HWA-7 Power Supply!
$1.25Up for bidding is a nice vintage Heathkit HW-8 QRP transceiver. It is a daily user from a non-smoking environment. Included with the rig is a Heathkit HWA-7-1 power supply and a set of mono-type headphones. I've have received numerous excellent reports with this rig. It has about 2 watts of output on the lower bands, a little less on the higher ban ...  More
X1M PRO Multiband Multimode HF QRP Transceiver - smaller than Yaesu FT-817!
Multimode Multiband X1M HF QRP (low power) Transceiver - Tiny! This radio is about 3/4 the size of a Yaesu FT-817 FT817 QRP HAM radio.Frequency range TX/RX: 0.1 ~ 30 MHzModes: USB & LSB & CWPower output: 5 WattsOperating voltage: 12 vdcOperating current: 0.35 ~ 1.2 ampReceiver Preamplifier: YesMemory Channels: 100RIT Function: YesAutomatic ...  More
$41.0Offered for auction is an incredibly nice OHR100A 40M QRP CW transceiver in absolutely perfect condition. This rig was built by OHR and has seen virtually no use. Comes with manual, power cord and key cable. This is a no reserve auction, so high bidder gets it win, lose, or draw. Did I mention no reserve? Get your bidding shoes on. Sold as is, with ...  More
X1M Pro QRP SSB/CW HF Rig with speaker mic and program cable
$245.26This radio was purchased on June 18 by me I'm none smoker I opened it hooked up a power cube and wire listened to it but Its never been transmitted on I added some rubber feet to the bottom to keep it from getting scratched 73 es Happy Bidding!
Oak Hills Research Qrp Watt meter and Dummy Load Combo
$160.0Watt meter internal 9V battery is not included. Watt meter has three ranges, 100 mw, 1 watt and 10 watts. Dummy load is designed for Qrp power levels, but will handle 100 watts for short periods. The watt meter can also be powered from any 12vdc external source. Watt meter manual is included. Dummy load has SO-239 connector on rear. Both units are ...  More
JOY OF QRP: STRATEGY FOR SUCCESS. ISBN 0-9614139-0-5 Ham radio book
$23.0THE JOY OF QRP: STRATEGY FOR SUCCESS Milliwatt Books; 2nd edition: 1997. Paperback, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2; 164 pages; 22 photos (B&W); 9 tables; 26 illustrations; 10 schematics. ISBN 0-9614139-0-5. Library Congress Catalogue Nr. 84-062821 Recognized as the QRP bible for its clarity of explanation aimed at newcomers to the most exciting niche in amateur ...  More
HISTORY OF QRP IN THE U.S., 1924-1960 ISBN 0-9614139-1-3 Ham radio book
Super RM Rock Mite QRP DIY Kit CW Transceiver HAM Radio Shortwave Telegraph
Frog Sounds HAM Radio QRP Kit Telegraph CW Transceiver Receiver Radio Station V3
HF dipole 40m - 20m QRP to 100W
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