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Ten Tec Rebel 506 HF CW QRP 40-20 meter Transceiver
$124.5Ten Tec Rebel 506 in excellent working condition. This unit is stock and unmodified. I just don't have the time right now to do it justice so I have decided to put up for auction. As part of my plans for the Rebel I purchased two Nokia 5110/3310 monochrome LCD displays that would have been used to upgrade the unit per the "Rebel Alliance" and other ...  More
QRP Pixie Transmitter Receiver 7.023 Mhz Kit,,SHIPS FROM THE USA
$12.0These kits I have in the US,,,,you will have this within 5 days from the time your payment is received. No need to wait 45 days to get it from China. You will get the unbuilt kit,,,the picture is just for demonstration of what the kit will look like built.
Ten-tec R4020 2-band QRP cw tranceiver
purchased to try CW.........lost interest. will not be DOA
MFJ 9420 QRP SSB Transceiver
$100.0I bought this new from HRO. Has seen very little use in a non-smoking shack. Getting out of the hobby, so this radio is on a one way trip. No warranty and no returns. Thanks for looking and good luck bidding.
$55.08This Heathkit radio is fun to use, made many contacts and had good reports with it.It has the LM386 audio amplifier board installed in it, with this you can use modern headsets or run an external speaker. Only mod installed that I know of. Face is in very good condition, cabinet has paint scratches, scrapes, blemishes, etc, typical for its age. Ban ...  More
QRP MFJ-9315 cub combo
I have here a nice MFJ 15m cub at 1 watt output... I'm also adding a nice 10m Two Fer at 28.071mhz.. they both take 12v. as for the 10m it's a transmitter. It has a jack for receiver, and knob for a few khz around crystal tuning. As for the case ... it was meant for a different kit that I got in the mail and was the wrong one... so I put it to use. ...  More
X1M QRP AGC PCB with parts installed
Elecraft K1 20/40 Meter HF QRP CW Ham Transceiver, S/N 01265
KIT: GenesisRadio G3020 QRP 5W SDR transceiver amateur radio 30m/20m all mode
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