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$225.0For sale is an Icom IC-502A portable 6 meter radio. It is in good-very good working condition. Antenna is intact and no corrosion in battery area as seen in the photos. Has strap with it but missing a couple of screws. Snaps on battery side were replaced with screws by previous owner. This is the rarer A model that has the fine tuning added to it. ...  More
Elecraft K1 QRP Tranceiver - 4 bands
$499.0Here is an Elecraft K1 Transceiver. 7 watts max. Clean and working well. See the video at: unit has 4 bands: 17, 20, 30, and 40. Also, it has the auto-tuner board and the KTS-1, wide range tilt stand. Makes a great back-pack, or fixed QRP radio station. Enjoy great sound from the built-in speaker.
Youkits HB1B MK3 4 Band HF QRP transceiver with 18650 battery pack and charger
$275.0Used HB1B MK3 versionFully assembled unit and ready to usecomes with 18650 battery packTX covering: 40m 30m 20m 15m (17m also workable but with lower sensitive on RX, consider it is a free band) The spectrum of emmission are met FCC standard in all 5 band.RX covering 5.9-22Mhz continiued Step: 10Hz,100Hz,1KHz,100KHz 30 Mermories Output: 12V 4-5W Si ...  More
QRP SSB HF Transceiver 160-30m (LSB & USB) Assembled + 5W Amplifier + LPFilters
$99.99Superheterodyne HF Transceiver 160-30m ASSEMBLED - FI = 12 Mhz - RTX (Tuned frequency) = (VFO) - (FI) - Works LSB and USB - 5-10 mW RF output- I ship the Transceiver with two relays circuit to change LSB/USB mode, and use 5,9 or 12vDC relays. Check before which volt is your relay to send the +5,+9 or +12vDC to active the USB mode. The LSB mode is w ...  More
Classic Ten-Tec Power-Mite QRP CW Transceiver
$52.04Classic Ten-Tec QRP CW transceiverVFO or Crystal ControlRuns on 12 volts DCCan also cover 15 meters with the AC-3 accessory (not supplied -- I don't have one)Synchrodyne converter-detector converts RF signals directly to audio.
YAESU FT-817ND HF/50/144/430MHz all band all mode portable QRP 5W
$591.0For sale is one Yaesu FT 817 ND When you're reading this, you probably already know about technical details of this radio, which might well be one of the most popular 5W QRP all band, all mode rigs. If not, google for specs.Included in the auction: Yaesu FT 817 ND. The 'ND' is the updated model that includes 60M W4RT 500 Hz Collins filter, extremel ...  More
HISTORY OF QRP IN THE U.S., 1924-1960 ISBN 0-9614139-1-3 Ham radio book
JOY OF QRP: STRATEGY FOR SUCCESS. ISBN 0-9614139-0-5 Ham radio book
Super RM Rock Mite QRP CW Transceiver HAM Radio Telegraph + Aluminum case
X1M QRP AGC PCB not stuffed no parts
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