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Icom AH-703 Antenna for IC-703 QRP Rig
$161.83This is a Icom AH-703 5 band antenna for portable use with the Icom IC-703 and IC-703+ transcievers. Can also be used with other QRP transcievers. Check out the youtubes on the net. This antenna is rated very high on It comes complete with base section, whip section, shorting bar and allen wrench, and instructions, and ground wire. I boug ...  More
HAM RADIO 40M CW Shortwave Transmitter Receiver 7.023-7.026MHz QRP Pixie Kit DIY
$4.99introduction This kit is a classic low-power transceivers. This is a very small volume of simple 40 meter band micro-power amplitude telegraph transceiver uses a 9V square battery. The reception is good, highly readable code, is the entry of the most junior amateur radio choice! parameters Power supply: DC 9V-14V Antenna: 50 ohm, unbalanced Receive ...  More
Heathkit HW-7 with HWA-7-1 pwr supply, working, Ham Radio Transceiver, QRP
$125.0Up for your consideration is this Heathkit HW-7, 3-Band QRP Transceiver and its accompanying HWA-7-1 AC power supply. Both are in working condition, Ive just tweaked up their tuning adjustments and I had them on the air trying them out in the last week, making several contacts on 40 and 20 meters. 15 meters was not active, but I was receiving test ...  More
RadioSet-GO Portable 4 band QRP CW transceiver
$364.99My name is Hanz, W1JSB, owner of RadioSet-GO. I have been innovating QRP transceivers since 2010 in my electronics lab at home, and take pride in re-creating stylish, user friendly equipment. Here I have a converted YouKits HB-1B MK1 (80m, 40m, 30m, 20m) built recently and for sale now.This is a very unique, limited edition radio, (re)designed and ...  More
A&A Engineering QRP CW Transceiver Working NR
$50.0Here is a nice working example of the famous portable 5 watt QRP CW transceiver designed by K9AY back in the early 90's. This little rig was featured in the December 1990 QST as the first of a 2 part series. Copies of both of the articles are included. Schematic, assembly notes, and tuning and adjustment notes are included as well. It's in good cos ...  More
Yaesu FT 817
$395.0I bought this radio used about 5yrs ago, shortly thereafter replaced the PA's (google it)Did quite a bit of QRP while family camping and such but haven't used it much in the past couple years so time to let it go to someone who will.I use it entirely on HF and it works great, no idea how it does on VHF.Ni-Cd battery installed and holds a charge.Com ...  More
Elecraft K1 4 Band QRP Transceiver with autotuner
QRP SSB HF Transceiver 160-30m +5W Linear Amplifier + LPF filters ASSEMBLED
X1M QRP AGC PCB with parts installed
JOY OF QRP: STRATEGY FOR SUCCESS. ISBN 0-9614139-0-5 Ham radio book
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