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MFJ-9040 QRP Station - MFJ-971 MFJ-4114
$247.54MFJ-9040 + MFJ-971 + MFJ-4114 QRP Station This 40 Meter QRP integrated CW Ham Radio station is in excellent condition and comes with copies of the individual component user guides on a DVD. Work the world on only 5 watts and enjoy portable operation on vacation, backpacking or biking! *I don't have the 12 VDC (1.2 Amp) wall wart power adapter for t ...  More
QRP SSB 40M HF Transceiver + VFO + Audio Amp Assembled
$119.99QRP 40M SSB HF Transceiver with audio Amp+ VFO Assembled (Superheterodyne desing) READY TO WORKS IN 40M ! This TRX works all the 40M SSB band 7.070-7.150 mhzaproximatelly - FI = 12 Mhz - RTX (Tuned frequency) = (FI) - (VFO) For example, to works a 40m band frecuency as 7.100, you set the VFO to 4.900 Mhz, then tuned frecuency = FI (12.000 Mhz) - VF ...  More
MFJ-9417 17 METER 5 WATT QRP SBB TRAVEL RADIO Used only 2 hours
$100.0Used only 2 hours Complete with matching MFJ microphone
Heathkit HW-9 w/WARC Bands QRP Complete Station incl. accessories,manuals,extras
$152.5I present to you today for your bidding pleasure a complete Heathkit HW-9 w/ WARC bands Amateur Radio QRP Transceiver Complete Station with accessories, manuals, and extras! All items are used in good working condition, with some cosmetic scratches. Includes the HW-9 radio transceiver with all bands, PSA-9 power supply, HM-9 QRP wattmeter, HFT-9 an ...  More
Oak Hills Research OHR 400 QRP Transceiver kit - unbuilt
$380.0Oak Hill Research OHR 400 QRP Transceiver kit The OHR 400 covers 80, 40, 30, & 20 meters CW. It features a single conversion superhet receiver with RF pre-amp, 4 pole crystal filter, 4 pole audio filter, AGC, and manual RF gain. A very stable VFO covers 150 KHz on each band and has 1 KHz RIT. The transmitter features 4 5 watts output on CW and ...  More
QRP transciever kit. 80 meters 3.560 MHz CW
$25.0The "Half Pint" is a easy to build QRP transciever, built with just 7 transistors. I've had quite a bit of fun building and operating this little rig. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have. It features a direct conversion receiver with an active audio filter. Specifications Power supply: 9-20 volts DC Receive current: 35 mA @ 13.8 VDC Power ou ...  More
QRP transciever kit. 40 meters 7.030 MHz CW
QRP transciever kit. 30 meters 10.110 MHz CW
EFE QRP 40 Meter SSB Transceiver With Icom Speaker/Mic
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