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QRP 2000 Oscillator Assembled 3.5-280 Mhz Square Wave VFO for SDR PRE-ORDER
$99.99QRP 2000 OSCILLATOR VFO SQUARE WAVE PRE-ORDER OPTION (You pay and I build for you) This process take 15-20 days. I ship the item once I finished. FREC: 3.5-280 mhz Max Frequency 280 MHz specified by Silicon Labs Output 0.7V pkpk pushpull square wave Inputs for CW Paddle Key How to install the Driver: There is now a simple way to install the driver ...  More
QRP SDR 5W 20 m HF transceiver assembled with MAudio SC 1394 96 KHZ
Assembled PCB with extra connections on metal base (The body from TenTec) WITH VERY GOOD SOUND CARD 96 KHZ MAUDIO 1394 AUDIOPHILE ALL WHAT YOU SEE ON 1 - 3- 4 PHOTO TESTED AND WORK SUPERFB SDR on 20m 3-5W P out 14060 to 14156 KHZ ( if sound card 96 kHz, center 14108 KHZ) on OPERA-WSPR (no drift)-JT9-JT65-PSK AND SO ON As an example, immediately aft ...  More
Hackrf One SDR Software Defined Radio Rx Tx
$185.0Hackrf One SDR Radio board.Only tested few times.From Chinese radioelectronic exhibition. I'm not an expert,didn't check it for many functions but I received lot of stations on my balcony wired antenna and laptop Dell,windows XP, worked on netbook Packard Bell as well.Sold as is - radio board without cable and antenna. Thanks.
QRP SDR Transceiver HF/6M KIT + QRP 2000 Oscillator Assembled
$264.99MULTIBAND SDR TRANSCEIVER 160 - 6 Meter THE PACKAGE INCLUDED: - SDR Transceiver Mother Board KIT (doit yours) - QRP 2000 Oscillator Assembled DESCRIPTION: - Ready to work imediatly: HF Bands 160 - 6M - RXT: 875 Khz - 70 Mhz - SOFTWARES: Works with GSDR, JT65-HF, FLDIGI and others. - SENSITIVITY: The minimum detectable signal and max input signals a ...  More
SDR Transceiver HF 400W PEP Software Defined Radio CB,6M, PRE-ORDER
$999.0MULTIBAND SDR TRANSCEIVER CB, HF, 6M, with 400W PEP (PRE-ORDER)The package include the ASSEMBLED system with: - SDR Transceiver Mother Board - Multiband Oscillator - Aluminium Enclosure - Low Pass Filters- Band Pass Filter - Connectors- Rotary Switch- 400 Watts PEP Linear Amplifier RM Italy KL405V (or similar amplifier) - Softwares * This SDR is re ...  More
SDRHAM SDR Transceiver PCB
$24.9SDRHAM SDR Transceiver empty PCB About SDRHAM SDR Transceiver:- USB control control with PowerSDR software. - PA on board up to 10Watt,- AD9958 synthesizer,- AT91SAM7 - control synthesizer- 9 band preselektor,- AG604-89 preamp Schematic di ...  More
Softrock RXTX, Peaberry or Omnia, SDR Clear enclosure
QRP SDR Transceiver HF 160-6m Software Defined Radio PRE-ORDER
RF switching board for HAM SDR, HERMES ODYSSEY HiQSDR Red Pitaya
QRP SDR Transceiver HF 160-6m AM, FM, SSB, CW, DIY KIT Software Defined Radio
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