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HackRF One Software Defined Radio RTL SDR 1 MHz to 6 GHz + 125MHz Upconverter
$275.0HackRF One from Great Scott Gadgets is a 20MSPS, USB 2.0 Software Defined Radio peripheral capable of transmission or reception of radio signals from 1MHz to 6 GHz. Includes the HackRF SDR and the 125MHz Upconverter.
SDR Transceiver HF 400W PEP Software Defined Radio CB,6M, PRE-ORDER
$975.0MULTIBAND SDR TRANSCEIVER CB, HF, 6M, with 400W PEP RM ITALY KL405V LINEAR AMPLIFIER (PRE-ORDER)The package include the ASSEMBLED system with: - SDR Transceiver Mother Board - Multiband Oscillator - Aluminium Enclosure - Low Pass Filters- Band Pass Filter - Connectors- Rotary Switch- 400 Watts PEP Linear Amplifier RM Italy KL405V - Softwares * This ...  More
Apache Labs ANAN-10E SDR 10W Amateur Radio Transceiver -- NIB -- Free Ship!
$925.0Specifications & Highlights: Mosfet 10W Linear amplifier (160M-6M) gives 15-20W out on HF and 8-10W on 6M, 14 BIT LTC2208 ADC and an EP3C25 FPGA Custom build rugged Extruded Housing (same as the ANAN-10) (note: no ventilation holes required in .mil style designs) Supports 2 fully independent receivers (sharing the same antenna - and with suitab ...  More
FLEX-3000 SDR Transceiver with Hercules DJ Control MP3
$970.0Flex 3000 s/n 4210-xxxx, manufactured week 42, 2010. Cosmetically very good, with small scratch in left rear corner. No smoking, no cat environment. Includes printed manual, original box, firewire cable, power cable, microphone adapter, BNC antenna pigtail, and firewire card for your PC. Has worked great for me, but since I'm updating to Flex 6300, ...  More
QRP SDR Transceiver HF, 6M, CB + Oscillator Assembled 5 Watts
$265.0MULTIBAND SDR TRANSCEIVER 160 - 6 Meter QRP SDR Transceiver HF, 6M, CB + Oscillator Assembled 5 WattsTHE MOST POPULAR SDR RIG !!! THE PACKAGE INCLUDED: - SDR 160-6m Motherboard ASSEMBLED- QRP2000 Multiband Oscillator ASSEMBLED DESCRIPTION: - Ready to work imediatly: HF Bands 160 - 6M - RXT: 875 Khz - 70 Mhz - SOFTWARES: Works with GSDR, JT65-HF, FL ...  More
QRP 2000 Oscillator Assembled 3.5-280 Mhz Square Wave VFO for SDR. Ready to ship
$99.99QRP 2000 OSCILLATOR VFO SQUARE WAVE READY TO SHIP FREC: 3.5-280 mhz Max Frequency 280 MHz specified by Silicon Labs Output 0.7V pkpk pushpull square wave Inputs for CW Paddle Key How to install the Driver: There is now a simple way to install the driver software for a Windows-XP, Windows-Vista, Windows-7 Windows-8 and Windows 8.1, Do not connect th ...  More
SDR Transceiver HF 160-6m AM, FM, SSB, CW, Assembled Ready to ship
SDRHAM SDR Transceiver PCB
FLEX 3000 SDR Transceiver with Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2
SDR Transceiver HF, 6M, CB + Oscillator + BPF + LPF Software Defined Radio
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