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SDR Transceiver HF 160-6m + Oscillator DIY KIT
$256.35MULTIBAND SDR TRANSCEIVER 160 - 6 Meter THE PACKAGE INCLUDED: - SDR Transceiver Mother Board KIT-QRP 2000 Oscillator KITDESCRIPTION: - Ready to work imediatly: HF Bands 160 - 6M - RXT: 875 Khz - 70 Mhz - SOFTWARES: Works with GSDR, JT65-HF, FLDIGI and others. - SENSITIVITY: The minimum detectable signal and max input signals are now between -133dBm ...  More
SDRHAM SDR Transceiver PCB
$28.5SDRHAM SDR Transceiver empty PCB About SDRHAM SDR Transceiver:- USB control control with PowerSDR software. - PA on board up to 10Watt,- AD9958 synthesizer,- AT91SAM7 - control synthesizer- 9 band preselektor,- AG604-89 preamp Schematic di ...  More
SDR Transceiver HF 160-6m +LPF +BPF +Oscillator +Box. READY TO SHIP
$434.99MULTIBAND SDR TRANSCEIVER 160 - 6 Meter READY TO SHIP !!The package include: SDR Transceiver Motherboard with all the parts: - Low Pass Filter (LPF)- Band Pass Filter (BPF)- Oscillator (QRP2000)-Blue aluminum box-Rotary switch, cables, plugs,...The rig is ASSEMBLED, ready to works 160-6m !!!DESCRIPTION: - Ready to work imediatly: HF Bands 160 - 6M ...  More
Flex SDR 1000
Up for your consideration is a nice Flex SDR 1000 the unit comes with the edirol sound card and all cables to run the unit. The rig does not have the internal tuner but does have the 100 watt PA Item is in very good condition and works great. This rig takes someone who knows computers to run so be advised it is just not plug and play. Email for que ...  More
SDR Transceiver FlexRadio 1000 1 watt exellent condition
$600.0SDR Transceiver FlexRadio 1000 1 watt exellent condition sold with a sound card Presonus Firebox. The set includes cords -LPT .3194 .USB. adapter and USB LPT. As well as documentation and software on CD Excellent condition 100% working condition Please before paying the money, ask seller the price of postal parcels. Thank U
Zeus ZS-1 SDR Transceiver
$1200.0Zeus ZS-1 Software Defined Radio (SDR) transceiver, Serial Number 000143. Amazing radio from SSB Electronic in Germany. This is the unit that was tested by ARRL (see the June 2014 QST); and was realigned and fully tested by SSB Electronics after I purchased it from ARRL. The radio is in excellent condition; I used it a couple of times as a receiver ...  More
Genesis SDR HF HAM RADIO G59 and GPA10 Base Station with enclosure sound card
Apache Labs ANAN-200D SDR Software Defined Radio 100W Transceiver
Apache Labs ANAN-200D SDR
Apache Labs ANAN-100D SDR
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