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FlexRadio Systems SDR Ham Radio Transceiver Flex 3000
$1150.0Here is a Flex 3000 Software Defined Radio that covers all bands from 160 through 6 meters. Excellent condition, looks good, works perfectly. Serial number 1012-1130, firmware supporting PSDR 2.7.2. Includes ATU and FlexControl, firewire pci card, firewire cable, Heil HM Pro Handi Mic. Computer, monitor, power supply, paddle not included. G ...  More
Peaberry SDR V2 Transceiver by AE9RB - New factory built with case
$149.0Here is the Peaberry SDR V2 by AE9RB. A brand new factory built SDR for your fun on 30, 20,17 & 15 meters. I bought this about a year ago and never even took it out of the box. It is factory built but I am starting the auction at the kit price. It includes the plastic case. All you need to get on the air is a PC running windows, 12VDC, an anten ...  More
Flexradio FLEX-1500 SDR Amateur Radio HF/6m Transceiver PLUS Flex Control
$461.78Bought at Dayton Hamvention last year from Flex Radio. Working too much. Not enough to time to play with it. Microphone still in box. Works great includes Flex Control. Check out website. flex
SDRHAM SDR Transceiver PCB
$29.5SDRHAM SDR Transceiver empty PCB About SDRHAM SDR Transceiver:- USB control control with PowerSDR software. - PA on board up to 10Watt,- AD9958 synthesizer,- AT91SAM7 - control synthesizer- 9 band preselektor,- AG604-89 preamp Schematic di ...  More
Softrock RXTX Ensemble 40m 20m SDR ham radio transciever, software defined radio
$45.0Softrock Ensemble RXTX QRP transciever built for 20/40m ham bands. Software defined radio kit originally purchased from another ham operator. Great board work and soldering. USB/sound card interface to your computer. I used it for receiving as I didn't have the patience to set it up for TX with my audio card. Includes the C55 capacitor mod per 2/3/ ...  More
FLEXRADIO SYSTEMS FLEX-6300 Software Defined Radio with Smart SDR, 100 Watts
$2599.0FLEX-6300 Feature Highlights Maximum Slice Receivers: Two (2) Maximum Panadapter Bandwidth: 7 MHz Antenna Connectors: SO-2392; XVTR-BNCx1 Wideband Frequency Coverage: 30 kHz 54 MHz Transmit Frequency Coverage: 160-6m amateur bands, 100W nominal output Transverter IF Frequency Coverage: 100 kHz 54 MHz Digital Audio Exchange (DAX) Channels: 2 DAX IQ ...  More
SDR Transceiver HF 160-6m, 5 Watts Assembled
Apache Labs ANAN-200D SDR
Apache Labs ANAN-10E SDR
Apache Labs ANAN-100D SDR
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