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RARE Amateur TV ~ PC Electronics TC70-10 ATV Transceiver, No power adapter
$449.99RARE Amateur TV ~ PC Electronics TC70-10 ATV Transceiver, does not include a power adapter or any wires. Does not include manual listing is for unit only.
NEW- ELEVEN METER 11 CRYSTAL YAESU FT-301 41.5 mHz for 27.0-27.5 Mhz
$30.0ELEVEN METER 11 CRYSTAL YAESU FT-301 and other Yaesu Radios Crystal is for FT-301 - Guaranteed to work or refund will be issued. Marked as 41.5 MHZ. YAESU FT-301 41.5 mHz covers 27.0-27.5 Mhz These are new crystals manufactured by International Crystal (ICM) USA. The same crystal frequency is listed for the FT-301, FT-107, FT-901. If you would like ...  More
Alinco DR 610 Radio Transceiver
$81.0Here for your knowledgeable consideration is " the ALINCO DR-610" VHF/UHF FM Twin Bander Mobile Transceiver DR-610T Tx: 144.000-147.995/438.000-449.995 MHz FM Rx: 108.000-173.995 AM/FM / 420.000-470.000 MHz Channel Scope Full duplex between VHF & UHF DSQ selective call CTCSS encoder standard, decoder option EJ-24U Autodialer VHF50W/UHF35W max. ...  More
FTM-400DR Control head (also Works with FTM-400XDR)
$125.0Control head will work on FTM400DR (or FTM400XDR, but does not include upgraded GPS module). In good condition, no visible flaws/scratches. New price from Yaesu is about $225.
$150.0LDG IT -100 Autotuner to be used with most ICOM HF Transceivers
Kenwood TS-590S Amateur Radio Transceiver (SN B2B00191)
$700.0The Kenwood TS-590S covers all bands 160 through 6 meters at 100 watts on SSB, CW, FSK, and FM, and 25 watts on AM. It has IF DSP, a built-in antenna tuner, and USB output for direct connection to a computer. The display color can be set by the user to either amber or green. The radio has Kenwoods digital recorder (VGS-1) installed. The package inc ...  More
Motorola MSR2000 TRN5324 Squelch Gate module
Yaesu FT-DX3000, FT-DX5000, FT-DX9000, FT-950 - RN142S PIN Diodes
Icom IC-PW1 Amplifier, SMD Semiconductor spares Kit
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