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Clean classic Kenwood TS-520 hybrid transceiver!
$100.0Here for auction is a nice classic Kenwood hybrid TS-520 transceiver that is solid state except for the driver tube and the final tubes. It is in good working order with full RF output from its ORIGINAL S20001 final tubes. The receiver is sensitive and compares well with my TS-450. Cosmetically, the unit is clean and in good condition. It still has ...  More
poly comm 2 ///wow look///very nice !!!!!
$149.0Very nice Polycom you will not find many in this condition another fine radio from a high-end collector I'm selling these radios for a wife of a silent key everything has been very nice well-kept in excellent condition this is another one this radio transmits and receives perfectly I did not get a good nighttime picture of it it lights up red all t ...  More
KENWOOD TR-851 430MHz all mode 10W FM SSB LSB USB CW Japan Model 本494
$221.0KENWOOD TR-851 430MHz all mode 10W FM SSB LSB USB CW Japan Model 494 Description Grade: AS-IS ! 6/10Appearance of the item5/10Rubbing so old, there are times when the dirt, a small rust there Please check on the photos for detailed condition of the product.Functional 6/10 You can send and receive in the unstable and weak output current Volume noise ...  More
Icom IC 2AT Radio Transceiver
$35.0ICOM IC-2AT 144MHz FM Radio Transceiver.Fully Operational.Comes with Radio, charger, antenna, and original box.No instruction booklet.
Yaesu FT 920 Radio Transceiver
$575.0Hi Here for your consideration YAESU FT920 TRANCIEVER This radio is in good working order except for a display that not affect operation if you see the tranciever in some angles will see a dark mark really I dont know what is that If you look front will not see mark I sold as is No warranty or refunds apply but warranty that radio is in good workin ...  More
Vintage Midland 13-431B 100MW 3 channel Trasceiver
$25.0Great vintage Midland radio! No corrosion, excellent condition. See pictures and let me know if you have any question Rack L Shelf 3
Siltronix SER-3DX SWR / Watt Meter & Cable
Galaxy DX-99V2 Radio 10/11 Meters
NEW ! icom ic-7000 And LDG Tuner Combo!
Radio Motorola Tetra TMT 5400 TM953C
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