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RARE - AEA Model CK-2 Contest Memory Keyer - NICE
Here we have a RARE AEA CK-2 contest memory keyer. Keyer works, memories work but the repeat LED stays on all the the time and repeat functions does not appear to be working. I'm not sure... these AEA keyers are kind of weird. It may work perfectly fine and I am may not be using it correctly. But as you can see in the pictures from a fresh power up ...  More
$40.0Carol's Manuals & More Item Description ITEM: CONTEST MEMORY KEYER BRAND: MFJ MODEL: MFJ-486 GRANDMASTER II CONDITION: Good. On one side of the unit, the wood grain is loose and needs re-gluing. Untested Additional Info: NO Power cord for it. A copy of the manual is included. Questions? Please feel free to email and ask beforehand. I will do my bes ...  More
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